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Processed Food: An Experiment That Failed

Anyone who follows the work of Dr. Robert Lustig knows he has been talking about the health issues related to processed food for years. Just enter “Robert Lustig” and “Processed Food” into your search engine and you will find many references to his advocacy efforts in this area of metabolic health and nutrition. Is processed food an experiment that failed? Read, view and learn from the resources posted here, and decide for yourself.

Here is Dr. Lustig’s paper in JAMA Pediatrics – Viewpoint: Processed Food: An Experiment That Failed

Here are two key presentations by Dr. Lustig at Stanford and the international Eat Forum:


Two new resources now exist that provide a stronger understanding of processed food from a scientific perspective: 

  1. Establishment of NOVA Food Classification framework, developed by team at University of San Paulo under the leadership of Professor Carlos Monteiro)
  2. Processed Food Addiction: Foundation, Assessment & Recovery by Joan Ifland, PhD


Food Addiction: resource page

Nutrition Education: Promoting Healthy Diets Through Nutrition Education and Changes in the Food Environment; an International Review of Actions and their Effectiveness